Nokia X2-01 Mobiles

The Nokia X2-01 is a low-cost messaging phone intended to hit the shops before Christmas. If only just. At an estimated price of €80 before a tax and carrier financial support.
If you get over the fact that the Nokia X2-01 is a slightly strange-looking device, it soon becomes apparent that this is really a cut-down version of the Nokia C3-00, dropping the WiFi support from the C3 and reduction the camera to a very basic 0.3 megapixel one.

However, you do still get a QWERTY keyboard 2.4" 320 x 240 pixel display, Blue tooth, a microSD slot, a media player and an FM radio plus a 3.5mm audio connector.
You can use the QWERTY keyboard with the X2-01's built-in messaging and email applications, even though you probably want to guide clear of web browsing on a device with no 3G or WiFi support.

It is a pretty firmly focused device - if you are only interested in messaging then this phone strength well be for you, but the lack of high speed data and the ultra-basic camera means that it will probably have a limited marketplace appeal, although it does look to have some promise as a music player too.

Nokia say that the X2-01 will be available in red, deep grey, silver, lilac and azure colors. In our opinion the lighter colors look much better, buy in any case Nokia have been managed to make it a bit different to look at compared to other similar devices.
Scheduled availability is Q4, but if you are after a contemptible Nokia messaging phone for Christmas then frankly you could always go for the existing Nokia C3 in its place which does have the added advantage of WiFi.
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