Sony Ericsson to launch a new Xperia models at MWC on February 13th

Sony Ericsson mobiles is bantering online an invitation for one and all to attend the MWC in Barcelona on February 13th. On that day, the joint venture will be introducing "new members of the Xperia relations." What is getting everyone so hot and bothered is that the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone that every gamer is drooling over strength have a new name besides the Zeus. The joint venture has been register with the EU for trademark registration for the Xperia Play name and that surely would be a fine moniker for the PlayStation phone. And it would also qualify the device as being a new member of the Xperia relations. All of which means that the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone/Zeus could see the administrator light of day on Febraury 13th.

Sharp-eyed readers will note that Sony Ericsson's teaser mentions "members" of the Xperia relations, which means more than one earpiece will be introduced in Barcelona. To that end, the joint venture has registered the names Xperia Arc, Xperia Duo, and Xperia Neo mobile phones. So it may be more than just gamers looking forward to February 13th.

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