Top Nokia Mobiles Awards 2010

The Mynextfone Talk Top Mobile Phone Awards has been split into two categories: smart phones and budget phones, in which we will rank the top three phones of 2010 in each category, so without further ado lets begin.


1. Apple iPhone 4
2. Nokia N8 - Best Camera Phone of the Year
3. Samsung Galaxy S - Best Android Phone of the Year

Budget Phones:

1. Nokia X3 Touch and Type
2. Nokia C5
3. Sony Ericsson Zylo

In the Smartphone category there was only one clear winner this year and is the iPhone 4, the Nokia N8 came a clear second with its exceptional 12 megapixel camera, which also wins our best camera phone of the year. The Nokia N8 missed out on the top spot as the iPhone 4 is easier to use and has a better design. In third comes the Samsung Galaxy S which we think is the best Android phone of the year too.

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