The all new Milestone XT800 Dual-SIM Android Phone (CDMA-GSM)

Motorola unleashes the all new dual SIM Android mobile phone, a dual SIM phone that can accommodate CDMA as well as GSM SIM card. This exquisitely designed mobile phone incorporates a great list of features. There are two SIM slots which can hold one GSM SIM card and a CDMA UIM card.

The Motorola XT800 Dual-SIM Android Phone was the major highlight at the recently held CES. It was highlight along with the Android tablet Xoom which is powered by Honeycomb 3.0. The 4G ready Android device Motorola Atrix now seems like it’s another first from the US mobile major Motorola. This handset is an Open Market Handset (OMH), so you can insert any CDMA UIM card in it.

The appearance:

There is literally no contender to compare this phone with. It impresses with its looks and the applications available. It looks great with a perfect 3.7 inch touch.

Specifications & Features:

* 3.7-inch (854×480) touchscreen
* Gorilla Glass display
* Multi-touch input capability
* GPS support, HDMI port
* 5 MP auto focus camera with a dual LED flash and 5x zoom
* Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP support,
* WiFi, 3G Compatibility,
* GPRS support, Geo tagging, and Image stabilization

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