Wrold's 8 Most Expensive Mobile Phones

What started as two-way radios or mobile rigs in taxicabs, police cruisers and ambulances in the US, has today become an intrinsic part of out lives. Recognizable mobile phones with direct dialing have existed at least since the 1950s. Since then mobile phones have traversed miles to cross the 3G (3rd generation) milestone.

Mobiles, today, are just not essential but have become an important status symbol. Feeling the public pulse, and correctly sensing that there is a niche market for obscenely priced mobiles, manufacturers are developing handsets that cost many thousand dollars.

To know more about the world's most expensive mobile phones, read on.

1. Goldvish Le million:

Price: $1,000,000
This is the most expensive mobile phone in the world according the Guiness Books of Records.

The phone features a blinding 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds. If $1 million is too much for you, the Geneva-based Goldvish also offer several other diamond-encrusted 18k gold models in a choice of rose, yellow, or white, starting at a more reasonable $25,600.

2. Vertu Signature Cobra:

Price: $310,000
Vertu is now taking orders for the Signature Cobra, designed by French jeweller Boucheron, but you better be quick as only eight are being made. The Cobra will feature one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies.

Vertu will also be offering a 'cheaper' version, ruby free, at $115,000.

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