Samsung drop and No. 2 place captured by Chinese G’Five

The shake in the Indian mobile handset industry go on with the most recent industry figures, Nokia and Korean firm Samsung have basis to be anxious based on those figures.

Nokia's hold over the Indian market loosened further as its market share slide by another 5% in the July to September quarter, according to data by IDC, according to a market research agency. In the Indian mobile phone market Nokia remains the largest mobile handset brand with a 31.5% share.

Samsung quit number two slot in the market to small-recognized Chinese brand G'Five. G'Five has a 10.6% share, the Korean handset manufacturer in contrast ended the September quarter with an 8.2% share.

The Finnish handset manufacturer, till a couple of years ago, dictates the Indian mobile handset market like a colossus with more than a 70% share. But it has been hit by new players such as Micromax, Spice and Lava. Its market has been influenced upon by the likes of Apple's iPhone and Blackberry.

Samsung, however, sought to play down the latest IDC figures and said its market share has actually gone up according to IDC's rival research firm GfK- Nielsen's data. "As per GfK-Nielsen's data, we had 19.3% market share for the month of October. We strengthened our dual-SIM portfolio considerably and maintained our leadership in the touch screen segment with a 36% market share," a Samsung spokesman said in an email response when quizzed about the reasons for vacating
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