New samsung appeals to logo for New samsung Universe Luxurious

Samsung has area for a new logo that suggestions at a new line of smartphones that you can buy and pills that may be returning to promote reviews Fusible. Naturally simply registering for a logo is not a assurance that a new product is originating to promote. The logo that New samsung got is for New samsung Universe Luxurious. We can consider the name being used on a family of slim pills and smartphones that you can buy.

The logo was area for on Nov 23. According to Fusible, the sequential number for the logo app is 85480030. The logo protects a range of dork products which include mobile phones, smartphones that you can buy, mobiles, and pills. That seems to cover just about anything that New samsung might want to make.

There has been no recognized thoughts form New samsung on the logo app. We are left to our own equipment to figure out what the cool gadgets might be like. I would like to see a very slim pill rocking a high-resolution display and Tegra 3 power on Android mobile phone 4.0. That would be a very exciting pill in title. I would bet this is the name of the next Universe device to area after the Universe Nexus starts.

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