The Smartphones Are Dressed In Appearance Design

Fashion label Prada is teaming up with the manufacturer LG Electronics again to create the third unit at the Prada phone by LG wide. The companies expect to get Prada Phone by LG 3.0 dressed and ready for an early 2012 launch.

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"The collaboration between LG and Prada has always been

characterized by an innovative and uncompromising quality in style, design and revolutionary technology, "said Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of Prada.

"These values ​​are common to both of our brands, which have always expected, and often set the trends in many areas. We were delighted therefore to be working again with LG in the development of the industry's latest creation mobile communications. "

Designer of the handset seems to be the flavor of the moment: $ 6,700 based on Android Phone Tag Heuer Link was launched in July, Dior has released a set with diamonds € 85,000 "Dream" phone in August, November Samsung partners with Hugo Boss Samsung to release € 279 Galaxy Ace in France and € 300 LG E906 Windows Phone luxury, a collaboration between fashion brand Jil Sander and LG, was launched Nov. 23.

The original PRADA Phone by LG was introduced in 2007 and proved to be a hit with consumers fire of love. The handset was the first touch screen mobile phone and LG has sold over one million units worldwide. It was also a fashion icon in her own right, providing a permanent place in the New York museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Shanghai.

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